When I registered for this site, it gave me the option of giving my blog a title. I did not have to even think about it. “It’s my life” is the most obvious choice. “Nobody can live it but me.” And that is the truth. I am a unique individual. Sure, there are many people with disabilities. Not all of them will have brittle bones, like I do, but who can say they are sharing the same, or similar experiences that I am?

The second reason. “It’s my life” is like my life motto. Listening to music was always a way to de-stress for me. And every time I was angry with my parents, I would go to my room and play Dr Alban’s version as loud as I dared.

Then Bon Jovi’s song came along. That became my all-time favourite song. “It’s my life, it’s now or never. I ain’t gonna live forever.” That line kind of says it all.