Well, this site has been up a week already. I can’t believe time has flown so quickly. But it’s not surprising, considering how much I have enjoyed putting this site together. The worst part was those “Catching up” blogs – all that copying and editing. You’ll be glad to know, there’s no “Part 4” coming.

Last night and this morning really flew by as I was editing and adding new pages. I’ve put up two pages worth of pictures and information about my 4-legged babies already. I can’t really call Fayth a baby, can I? She’s the grandmother of this family.

As the title suggests, this blog is really coming together and I am very pleased with the results. The site is so simple to use and the choices of how I can put things together are endless. It is really looking good.

Moving away from this blog for a moment, and what else has been happening. We took the dogs to the vet yesterday. Just a check-up and to get dog food. And TJ got up to date with his innoculations. He got a shot for kennel cough as well, since he’ll be going into kennels while we go on holiday next month.

After we took the dogs home again, Marc and I went clothes shopping. While I was waiting for Marc to pay for our purchases, I overheard part of a conversation between two women, who were saying how they prefer to zip in, get what they want and leave again. It is their husbands and sons, who are impossible to shop with. Not vice versa…

This led me to think about that shopping joke, where you see a map of a man and a woman shopping. The man goes to the first shop he finds, gets what he wants and leaves. The woman wanders around twenty different shops and eventually buys what she wants after going back to the first shop she went to.

So, who actually does that? Someone with lots of time on their hands? Someone who is indecisive?