I have noticed how the number of hits to my blog drop when I don’t post a new blog entry. So far today, I’ve received 3 hits, compared to 27 yesterday and 33 the day before. I just hope that I can post some semi-interesting articles that people will click and read. Thing is, I’m not a controversial person, so trying to write something that grabs one’s attention from the get-go is beyond me. It’s best if I stick to writing about me.

So I told my myADSL buddies (link on the left) that I’d tell them what happened at hospital this morning when I went to get my bone density scan done. I think I’ll probably have more to report back once I go to a specialist to have the results interpreted. All I had to do was lie on a hard bed while this machine moved over me, taking pictures, like an X-Ray. The worst part was having to straighten out my legs, because I’m so used to being in a sitting position that laying my leg flat puts pressure on my lower back.

Just to fill you in on why I went in the first place… My mother went to a specialist in Port Elizabeth for her knee and happened to mention to him that I’d been having all sorts of back aches and stuff in recent months. He asked her if I’d ever had a treatment called “Aredia”. Apparently, it’s supposed to help people with brittle bones (which is what I have) if their bone density is below a certain level. Well, that’s my understanding of it, anyway. But I need a specialist to prescribe it for me, and to do that, I needed the bone density scan done.

So, after we got the results, it was off to work. (We went first thing in the morning to get it done with.) It was another “same old” day at the office. Though, my printer went on the blink. I logged a call for a technician to come out and was told that my com port had not been set up correctly.

And then we discovered we had an unwanted guest in the office. A cricket. Its chirping can be really annoying, especially when you’re trying to get work done. After listening for it, we established it was coming from the department next to ours. I went round the partitions and said to my friend, Jackie, “You know you’re not supposed to bring your pets to work!” She laughed at me and said, look who’s talking, in reference to the days when I used to bring Fayth with.

And now I’m back home. After taking the dogs for a short walk and picking up all the dog’s bones, I’m sitting here writing this and feeling rather tired. Because of various aches and stuff, especially in my left shoulder and up into my neck, I sometimes have trouble sleeping. As a result I’ve been tired a lot. The nap I had yesterday afternoon helped, but it’s only temporary. I’m just hoping I can find some kind of solution that will make this back ache go away or at least ease up some.