There are so many things that I want to do tonight, that I don’t know where to start. So few hours in a day and too many consumed by work and sleep.

I really need to write a blog entry. Three days have passed without an entry and it’s shown with the hits to this site dropping to zero on Tuesday.

That day, I woke up with pain in my back and shoulder worse than anything I’d felt recently. I lay in bed, trying to go back to sleep and eventually started crying because it hurt so bad. After the alarm went off, the first thing I did was have some breakfast, so I could take a painkiller and anti-inflammatory. The whole day, it hurt to reach behind me. Thankfully, by bed time, it had eased off and one last anti-inflammatory and half a sleeping pill helped me have a restful night’s sleep.

Yesterday and today has been uneventful, thankfully. Though, I’ve had so many ideas running through my head for things that I’d like to do, that I don’t know whether I’m coming or going. I want to re-learn HTML, design stuff in PSP again, revamp my old website. And so much other stuff.

One thing I thought of, that will be easy to start with, is to add a piece to my blog about animals in the news.

That was a fairly easy idea to come up with after I saw a brief piece on Sky News this morning, about a baby polar bear in a German zoo, named Knut, that had received a death threat. When I first saw this, I was surprised. What was the world coming to, I thought, that a poor little polar bear who had harmed nobody, is now receiving death threats.

After reading more, though, I’ve since discovered that he’s pretty much become a local celebrity in Germany. He was rejected by his mother after being born on 5 December, last year. Animal Rights activists wanted him put down, instead of being hand-reared like a pet.

I would understand this sentiment, had the person hand-rearing him not known what they were doing (IE, a neighbour down the road, who bought a wild animal off the black market) . Granted that I don’t know his full situation at the zoo, but at least he is in the hands of knowledgeable individuals who can care for him correctly and give him a safe and happy future.