Today has been so quiet. Marc and I just got back from a restaurant called the Baron & Quail, where we met up with a bunch of people from the myADSL forums.

Among the people that we met were Xenophon, SuperSunBird, Antithesis, RompelStompel, Sober_Soldier (who it seems I’ve met before but didn’t realise, at work) and The_Librarian. It was great meeting them all, the food was great and we definitely had a good time.

I’ve not really been in the mood to do much today. Though I got a load of laundry done (what an achievement) and set up several RSS feeds for different news sites. Though, for all my effort, I only came across one interesting news story.

Animals in the News
Gorillas make steady comeback in East Africa

A little ray of light in a world fraught with violence. Thanks to a dedicated conservation effort, the population of mountain gorillas in Uganda has risen over the last 10 years. This is despite habitat being destroyed and civil unrest. Let’s hope the next 10 years prove even more fruitful, for it would be a major loss to the world, should these great apes lose their battle to survive.