I shouldn’t say that too loud, or Fayth might get the idea that she needs to answer the call of nature. But that’s what it has been. Work has been crazy. Just when you think you can sit back and take a few moments to calm down, another mini crisis hits the fan. We were supposed to learn from the different areas of our department, but there was not even time to do that.

Our little cricket, which kept chirping last week has been exterminated. He’s been very quiet all week and we suspect that he’s either moved on, or met his demise over the weekend.

On a more personal front, things have been very quiet. Quiet, but busy. Each time I’ve wanted to sit down and write in my blog, something’s happened.

All this stuff about contaminants in dog food is still leaving me a little concerned. That and the fact that TJ is displaying a bit of an allergic reaction to his pellets. I had a dream last Sunday that TJ had bitten the whole left side of him until it was raw and almost bare of fur. I’ve borrowed a couple books from a friend of Marc’s, in the hopes that I can find a different and better way to feed him. If I find anything of interest, I’ll post it here.

Animals in the news
Samaritan ends dog’s hell hole

This is a heartwarming story which I just had to put in my blog. It’s not every day that someone comes to the rescue of man’s best friend. The poor dog had been down the hole 8 days. People had heard him barking, but had not bothered to investigate until Cebo came along. Besides being a little thin, the dog came through well and is now looking for a good home.

Pregnant cow runs riot across German city

Moving further afield, I saw this story on Sky news. It looked really funny seeing the cow trotting down the street with her owner hot in pursuit. The damage she caused was not a laughing matter, but nobody got hurt and I’m sure it’s an amusing story to tell over a beer in the pub.