We went out yesterday, to lunch with a friend of Marc’s. The hours flew by and we had a great time at Brightwater Commons where we ate at Scrooge’s. While we were there, I got spoilt rotten, with a piece of American Fudge, the game “Heroes of Might & Magic V”, plus its expansion pack as well as my very own copy of the DVD “Casino Royale”.

This has become one of my most favourite movies ever. It has taken 007 in a totally new direction, for which I am glad. I have never been a fan of fancy gadgets and big stunts and explosions. This movie is pure hard-hitting action which sticks well to the storyline of Fleming’s original book.

Don’t get me wrong, when the movie was originally being made, I read what the critics were saying and also had my concerns. Daniel Craig is a blonde, could not drive a manual car, etc etc. I watched another movie of his a couple months ago and it’s hard to believe it’s the same actor in both films. He’s done an excellent job and as I said, I’m glad to own my own copy of the movie.

Animals in the News
Dog-tired families take yap-yap to court

Imagine being a neighbour to someone with 3 annoying little dogs that never shut up. Even worse imagine living in the same house. I would go mad. Seriously. I can fully understand why someone would want to move away. All that aside, surely a responsible owner would teach their animals what was good and bad behaviour?

FDA agents raid pet food plant, offices

After many brands of dog food being recalled in the US, the FDA have searched a pet food plant, operated by Menu Foods, as well as the offices of ChemNutra Inc., which is one of Menu Foods’ suppliers.

From my understanding of the story, ChemNutra import some products from a company in China, called Suzhou Textile Import and Export Co. Wheat gluten and rice protein concentrates are not part of its business, it says in the article, but their employees take on side deals.

My question is, where exactly is the stuff coming from?

More shipments, from various sources, have been blocked and Menu Foods are facing several lawsuits. It is a positive sign that the companies involved are co-operating in the investigations. Let’s hope that a solution to our pet’s food problems is reached soon.