Oh yes, Joy of joys. Not. I’m feeling sick.

Sitting at work today, I just wanted to slide under my desk and sleep. It’s nothing major, just one of those 24-hour colds that I get every now and then. Thankfully, it’s restricted mostly to my nose. The cough hasn’t started yet. I’ve been keeping warm and taking lots of stuff with Vitamin C. Hopefully that and a good night’s sleep will mean no visit to the doctor tomorrow.

Marc is not feeling great either. He’s even worse than me when I’m sick. I told him to take some anti-inflammatory tablets the doc prescribed when my shoulder was sore, but he opted for some different meds. Typical male šŸ™‚

At least our wedding plans are going smoothly. We’re lucky that my folks have not run into any major obstacles in getting it all sorted at such short notice. I decided to have something small, with just the family present. Nothing fancy.

It was kind of a spur of the moment thing, since we’d had a few negative memories recently, with my grandfather passing last year (Nov 19 – our 1year engagement anniversary) and Fayth passing last week. Also, there’s a good possibility that my stepfather may have to find a job in the UK, since he can’t find work here. (Though he may have one possibility that cropped up recently, so I’m holding thumbs that he does get the job and does not have to leave.)

So you see, several reasons to bring the family together and create a positive memory.