Ok, I’ve never been one to be superstitious. My mother has a thing about Friday 13th. I have thought it to be a load of hogwash. To be superstitious and get a fright because a black cat walked across your path, or believe you will have 7 years of bad luck for breaking a mirror is just plain stupid.

I am not going to go into detail about what studies have or have not proven, or why you should believe in certain superstitions. The subject has been on my mind, though, and I thought I’d share some things that’s happened to me.

Let’s start with anniversaries.

2nd of February 2003, Marc and I met online. 2nd of May this year, Fayth passed away. That same month (February), on the 9th, we decided we were going out. On the 9th July, 2 years ago, my cousin, Peter, died in a freak car accident.

On the 19th November 2005, Marc proposed to me at a medieval banquet at Greensleeves. Exactly a year later, my grandfather passed away.

Co-incidence, or do I have bad luck when it comes to anniversary dates? Our wedding is scheduled for the 3rd of June. I am really looking forward to it, but am wondering whether to be fearful of getting out of bed on that day in years to come… 🙂

And then there was Casino Royale … a brilliant movie. My all time favourite. The only movie to date that I wanted to see for a second time on big screen.

We went out that Saturday to Brightwater Commons for the day (it was a Saturday) and had lunch at Eidelweiss Village before watching the movie. We knew it had been raining. Little did we know that we would go home to a flooded house that night.

Then I decided to buy a copy of the DVD. Again we went to Brightwater Commons. The next day (also a Saturday), I watched the movie again. I enjoyed watching it again. However, the next day, I realised for the first time that something was seriously wrong with Fayth.

Are these all unlucky co-incidences, or what?