I am now using Mozilla Firefox as my browser, since I had issues with Explorer a while back. At any given time, I have 4 “usual” tabs open. The first is for the myADSL forum. The next two are for this blog – one to check stats or write an entry or something. The other checks changes to my site. The fourth tab is for my e-mail.

One thing I have to do before I go to work, and the first thing, after I come home, is check how many hits I’ve had to my blog. I enjoy seeing how many hits I’ve had to this site. It’s not many, but people are definitely visiting and reading it. And not all of them are family. I think the stats page is definitely motivating me to keep writing … even though what I write about may seem trivial to most.

An amusing thing I saw in my stats the one day was that someone had visited my blog, after typing in the search term “live is over” or something similar. I did the same search and Google came up with my blog entry for Fayth’s passing and it was in the top 50 hits for that term.

Another search term I had was for Fayth’s name. Which I thought was really nice.