Well, to say things have been hectic at work is an understatement. Usually, there are 6 in our team. One guy is on leave. He’ll be back next week. Last week, another guy was on the helpdesk. I was doing part of his work… all I can say is thank heavens he’s back! Normally you can say there’s a steady stream of work to keep you busy. Not recently. Lately, you could call it a river in flood and I’ve barely been able to keep afloat. Touch wood, tomorrow is a little better.

So on Saturday, we fetched our rings from being resized and then went to check out that staffie. Even though we decided she was not a suitable companion, TJ enjoyed a bit of running round the garden for about an hour. On the way home, he lay on the cushion behind my back, head on my shoulder, fast asleep. The rest of that evening, he was exhausted!

I don’t remember much of what I did on Sunday, though I spent several hours on my blog entry about TJ. Thinking back on it now, it was almost like I was writing a review about him. But what can I say, he makes me proud and I love the little brat.

Marc and I also chose the location of our honeymoon. We’ll be staying at Head over Hills in Knysna. We’ve booked into the Elephant Room for 3 nights. I am really looking forward to it and will keep you updated as well.

On Friday night and last night, I discussed the wedding arrangements with my mother. It seems to have come together so smoothly and I’m so glad for her help. We’ve decided that it’s going to be a very small wedding – only about 40 people – and mostly family and some close friends.

I was also in touch with Tasha and she has made a beautiful necklace and hair pieces for me to wear at the wedding. I’ve seen a few photos but will only see the finished product when I get to Port Elizabeth. I asked her to send it to my mother rather than up here, since I may not get a chance to pick it up from the post office.

As usual, I’ve been keeping an eye on my stats for this site and what search terms have been used to find my site. I must say, I saw some very interesting ones. One that caught my eye was “living with brittle bone” … so I looked up the term for myself, to see how far down the list my blog featured and came across another possible treatment (Forteo) for brittle bones – though not a cure. It’s genetic and something I don’t think that you can find a real cure for.

It is something I’d like to look up a little more and discuss with an Orthopedic specialist, but it’s a matter of finding the time to follow up on previous phonecalls made and finding one that can actually help me. The previous one I phoned (that I need to follow up with), said he wanted to find someone that specialised in brittle bones. I got one call saying that the doctor he wanted to refer me to was on holiday. That must have been about two weeks ago, but things have been so busy at work, I have not had a chance to phone back and ask why they’ve not followed up on that call.

Too much to do, too little time