With each second ticking by, we’re getting closer and closer to the day we leave for PE. Trust me, it can’t come soon enough.

And to make my day worse (sorry guys who are reading), my period hit, without warning. Ok, I’m on the pill and the fact that I’m half way through the white pills were warning enough. But my body normally sends better warning signals. Maybe it was because I had such a hectic week.

To get ready for the trip, we have to put TJ in kennels. He’s going to be boarding for 2 weeks at Dogon Boarding Kennels. The lucky rat is going to be spoilt rotten. They do have some pre-requisites, though, before he can go. He already had his kennel cough vaccination about a month ago.

Last night, I had a fight with him to give him his deworming pill. He has such a long muzzle that you can’t reach the back of his throat to shove it down, so he ends up spitting it back at me. Dissolving it in milk won’t work – he won’t drink it. He doesn’t like bread and he’ll still spit it out, no matter what it’s wrapped in. Yes, he is one very intelligent dog! Finally, I mashed it a bit and stuck it in his dinner. Thankfully, he ate it.

That old joke about how to give a cat a pill came to mind while writing this.

Sometime over the weekend, I’ll have to put frontline on him, which I haven’t done in ages. We just don’t seem to have a flea problem. I never see any on him and Marc and I have not been bitten in a long time.

And in the news …
China food scare threatens exports as test costs soar

I’ve sort of been following what’s been happening in the US, with the food scares linked to imports from China. It is encouraging to see that foreign buyers are demanding tests be done on food to ensure that we do not have another scare like before. Yet it is of some concern to read that “Costs for such safety checks are expected to soar, especially as it would take time for the country to build up reliable nationwide quality controls.”