The more I write in my blog, the better my stats are, on average. Problem is, I’m running out of things to write about.

A couple weeks ago, they had a Bon Jovi evening on American Idol (we’re a bit behind, so it would have been a while ago for Americans) – it must have been the week after Fayth passed.

(Going off-topic a moment, it is one week until we go on holiday. Yes, definitely counting the days now. And really looking forward to it. It’s amazing how people used to come up to me when I used to take Fayth to work with me and say, “So-so told me about your beautiful dog.” After she retired, they started asking, “Where’s your dog?” They still do. Nobody “gossips” and says, “remember that lady in the wheelchair, with the dog? Well her dog passed away.” I can’t wait to get away, so that I can stop explaining how she had cancer and we had to put her down.)

I really enjoyed that week on American Idol, but then, I’ve always been a Bon Jovi fan. Bon Jovi’s (It’s Hard) Letting You Go was the first song I played off my mp3 list after Fayth passed. Yes, I still miss her and I’m battling not to cry now, thinking about her. I can’t look at her pictures on the PC, and I still cannot listen to that song by The Fray – How to Save a Life.

Looking back on past Idols, it’s interesting to see who we hear on South African radio. My favourite radio station is Highveld. They are a very current radio station and play the best hits from the 80’s and upwards. We hear quite a bit of Kelly Clarkson. We very briefly heard Carrie Underwood’s Inside Your Heaven (I still prefer Bo Bice’s version).

From last year’s Idols, we never heard anything from Taylor, and the runner-up. But … interestingly enough, we are hearing Chris Daughtry. The first time I heard his hit, It’s Not Over, I thought it sounded very much like Nickelback, though I didn’t pay much attention to it. That was strange, because I am a huge Nickelback fan. Then the DJ said who it was and I was, wow! Now, I am enjoying the song even better than Nickelback’s latest hit, If Everyone Cared.

In this year’s Idol, we are down to the final 3 – Blake, Jordin and Melinda. They are all great, and it is going to be interesting to see who wins. I am probably not going to see the final show, though, because I will be relaxing … on holiday … in Port Elizabeth 😀