Well, I spent the whole day today in my PJ. Yep, I did not get dressed. Marc went out for a couple hours. He bought a couple groceries and found a geocache. He’s quite interested in it, but it’s not interested me as much.

Most of the day we spent watching recordings on PVR. We need to clear as much space as we can before we go on holiday next weekend, so the machine can tape stuff while we’re away. I’ve still got several hours of Animal Cops and Kidnapped to watch, but somehow have a feeling that I’ll delete most of it. A lot of the AC episodes are repeats and I just haven’t managed to get into Kidnapped. Probably because I missed the first few episodes.

TJ has gone off his food for the last couple days. I don’t know whether I’m putting too much mirracote on it, or it’s the fact that I mixed in his deworming pill and now he thinks I’m trying to medicate him again. Either way, he’s not eating his Husky Homestyle and he usually loves the stuff. I’ve also got some Hills pellets in a bowl, which I leave down all day, but he’s not touching those either.

What he is eating, though, is any of our leftovers that he can get. I’m not too worried about him yet, but you can be sure I’m keeping a big eye on him. I don’t want to lose both my dogs within the same month.

I have been thinking, again, about what kind of pal to get for TJ. I love staffies, and would like to get another, but I’m not sure that the garden we have now would be big enough for one. I’ve been looking at some websites of South African breeders and I’m reminded again of how they are very demanding dogs. They do not care much for other dogs, but prefer to bond with a special human in the family.

Both Jesse and Jock were like that. Jock was my grandfather’s dog, though followed my uncle everywhere when he was home for a visit. Jesse was my dog, which we got a few years later. (She passed away about 5-6 years ago now.) She was the same – but followed my mother. Both dogs liked to protect me. Jock would not let anyone near me when we went for walks along the beachfront as a kid. (I used to ride around in a little blue go-kart before I got my first wheelchair.) Jesse hated Fayth when she first came home, but was forced to accept her into the family.

I’m going to try and give it some more thought, but I think my mind is pretty much made up. We’ll probably adopt a stray from a welfare organisation for now and get a staffie some time in the future.