Two days ago, I said that we had been hit by a cold spell. Guess what? It’s still here, though looking at weathersa‘s site, we can expect it to warm up again by the weekend. Let’s hold thumbs that the wether is nice while we’re on holiday. At least for Sunday, 3rd June, when we’re getting married.

Yippee, it’s only one more day at work, then I can look forward to the holidays. Yep, two and a half weeks of no stressing… That is… if Marc can actually relax. I don’t know why, but every time we go back to Port Elizabeth for a holiday, we drive each other up the wall and end up fighting about the most stupid of things. Marc’s brother, Sven, takes great delight, especially when we are in the car, in predicting when next we’ll have our next fight. Strangely enough, we don’t fight half as much while we are in Johannesburg, as we do in Port Elizabeth.

I got my glasses today. It feels so weird wearing them. Marc says they will feel strange at first, but after a while, I’ll not want to read without them.

So, I work for one of the major banks in South Africa. I work in Merchant Services, loading information on the system to which the terminals (where one swipes their card to pay for a purchase) connects. I actually enjoy my job. And, even though they drive me nuts sometimes, especially the phones. Besides speaking to the people on the helpdesk – both technical and administrative – I get to speak some awesome technicians. One is a lady from Durban, on South Africa’s East Coast. Her name is Jean. I told her that I’d gotten my glasses (after not having mentioned them before) and she said that she knew about them – she had read about them in my blog. I bet that she is reading this, feeling a little embarrassed and will probably phone me later to ask why I’d mentioned her.

My other favourite technicians are the ones in Cape Town. They are a mad bunch. The one guy, Jaques, I could cheerfully throttle for not saying bye before hanging up. But the other day we had a funny start to our conversation. He must have had a lot on his mind, because he started by saying, “Hi, my name is Jaques, I’ll be coming around to fix your machine.” I laughed because he thought he was talking to a merchant.

I joined a couple Yahoo! Groups a few nights ago, since I wanted to learn more about taking care of TJ. As you know, he is an incredibly fussy eater and he’s starting to dislike even his Husky Homestyle, which is the only thing he’ll eat (besides the occasional Hills pellet). There is still a lot of stuff I need to read through. There is just a lot of information and so many options if I want to feed him a home-cooked or BARF (bone and raw feeding) diet.

In the meanwhile, I posted a message, since I’ve been wondering on and off about whether to get a new dog (adult or puppy) as a pal for TJ. In the messages I’ve read so far, there are some valid points raised and I’m yet again rethinking my options and more worried than ever about making a wrong decision. TJ seems quite happy by himself and I read (one of the replies) that he should be fine on his own, so long as we have regular interaction. Trust me, we cannot ignore him. When he wants attention, he gets it!