The house is so quiet. TJ was taken to kennels by lunch time and by mid afternoon, I’d taken all my clothes out that I wanted packed. When I first started packing, I felt quite excited and looked forward to the trip.

Then, I opened a cupboard, here in my office, to get a small bag to put some extra things in, and saw Fayth’s brush. (I had brushed her the day before we took her to be put down, so that I had something of her after she was gone.) I made the mistake of picking it up, smelling it and feeling the fur. I just started crying again. I’m going back home, without her. It’s like a part of me is missing. Writing this, I am struggling not to cry again.

Marc and I spoke again about getting another dog. We’re still not certain what we are going to get (a puppy or adopt), but having a second (4-legged) baby is definitely happening. He likes having a pair of dogs, and so do I.

Everything is packed. We just have to somehow jam the suitcase closed. I’ve packed a notebook into the bag with Marc’s laptop (he’s taking that as hand luggage), so that I can keep up with my journal, just in case I don’t have access to a computer as much as I’d like. I’ll warn you now – if you come back and there’s a new entry, check the calendar for clickable dates as well as the “Recently Added” list. I will tweak the dates when adding entries, so that I don’t have humongous entries like the “Catching up” ones at the beginning.

I’m going to have to finish this up soon. It’s almost 23:00 already and we need to get up at 6:00, to make sure everything’s sorted and the house is clean. Marc’s father is picking us up and taking us to the airport at 8:00. Our flight only takes off at about 11:00, but we’ve got traffic to negotiate and Marc likes to make sure we’re there early, so that there are no problems.

I can’t help think that I’m forgetting something. It runs in the family – both my mother and my grandmother tend to worry about minor things. I’ll remember what it is, on the way to the airport tomorrow. And then it will be too late. In the meanwhile, it’s time to sleep.