Well, our flight has been delayed. I’m now sitting at a computer with free internet access and writing this blog. I’m not sure when our flight is going to be, but I’m hoping we shouldn’t wait more than another hour or so. At least TJ is having a good time relaxing in his private garden at the Dogon kennel Marc took him to yesterday.

Getting out of bed this morning was hell. I only got to sleep sometime after 23:00 and woke up around 3:00 in the morning. I couldn’t get back to sleep and was tossing and turning. I don’t know why I couldn’t get back to sleep. A lot was going through my mind, but I can’t remember much of it.

What I do remember is thinking about getting a new dog. Yes, it is still on my mind. And I am glad that we did not adopt that staffie two weeks ago. TJ was scared of her and sought sanctuary in my wheelchair. Something he has not done before when in company of other dogs.

When we took him to Port Elizabeth with us in March last year, he got on very well with Gaby’s dogs. Gaby is Marc’s mom. She has an old black labrador, Mozart, a staffie, Lady and a jack russel cross named Princess. TJ and Lady were best friends, racing round the house together. I’ve got pictures of them sleeping on the couch together, somewhere, which I need to add to the photo gallery.

So, I eventually dragged myself out of bed half an hour after the alarm went off and got dressed. As usual, I couldn’t resist checking the hits to my blog. I found a couple lovely comments left with my previous entry.

After, I went and topped up the bases of all my inside plants. I’ve got 3 African Violets and another plant, which I forget the name. They are all doing wonderful, compared to the plants that I have outside .. the cacti are dead and the geranium is barely surviving. We don’t have a garden, because of the dogs – one of them had a habit of digging. I had a couple chrysanthemums, but they didn’t even make it into the pots I’d bought before perishing.

Everything was packed and the computers turned off an hour before Marc’s father came to fetch us. We got to the airport without incident and checked in before having breakfast. Everything ran smoothly until we got on the plane and the pilot informed us of a technical difficulty. Marc and I sat reading as we waited. Half an hour later, it seemed the technical problems could not be resolved and we had to disembark again. And that is where we are now – waiting to see what will happen…