It is now 20:00 as I write this and I am so tired. We’ve been out most of the day and going non-stop. I thought I should blog now, before I forget all that’s been happening. I’ve got no connection to the internet at the moment, so I’ll post it when I get a chance and edit the date of the entry.

Yesterday, we finally got to fly out at about 16:00. I must say, British Airways were very accommodating and took care of us in their first class lounge while we waited. I was so tired that I curled up on a couch and fell asleep. Being small has its advantages sometimes.

When we boarded the plane the second time, we were given complimentary one-way tickets for our next flight with the company. What happened with the initial plane was the auto pilot did not want to work. The pilot could still fly the plane, but did not want to take any chances, so we had to wait for another plane to get to the airport to take us.

Thankfully, there were no more problems and we got to Gaby’s house without incident. Once we got into the house, the first thing I noticed was that Lady favoured her left hind leg, putting little or no weight on it. Gaby thinks that it was either because of the cold weather – maybe she’s getting arthritis – or she bumped her foot, because the one nail looked a bit black. Either way, Marc and I would like to take her to a vet before we go back. More about her in another entry. There is still a lot to catch up on and it’s getting late again.

Today has been busy. We went to Walmer Park today, to look at my wedding dress and go shopping. The dress is from a boutique and cost a heck of a lot. It’s not a proper wedding dress, but to me, it is absolutely stunning. Thankfully, it doesn’t need any fitting done, so we were able to pay for it and take it home. You’ll see pictures once I’ve had a chance to update my galleries.

My best friend, Janet, has a cellphone shop in the centre and we spent a lot of time with her, chatting about stuff. Somewhere in between, she pulled us into a jewellery shop and bought me a beautiful ring as a wedding and friendship gift. I’ve known her since I was two years old. We’ve pretty much grown up together and have always kept in contact over the years.

After the shopping trip (where I forgot to buy what I actually wanted and bought a lovely jacket that I saw), we went to see the minister that would be marrying us on Sunday. Her name is Charmaine and she is a minister for the Westering Methodist Church, which is the church my folks attend. We had a nice chat about lots of different things, basically getting to know us a little before the ceremony on Sunday. I don’t remember everything about the conversation, but we spoke about religion, about ourselves, qualities we saw in each other, legalities. We chatted for over an hour and it felt like no time at all.

From there, we went to my mother’s house and spent a couple hours chatting to Mum (my grandmother), Sandra and Andrew (my brother and sister from my mother’s second marriage) and my cousin, Nicole. Honey, Mum’s dog, went mad when she saw us and we really thought she’d have one of her fits. She has a heart problem and if she gets over-excited, she collapses for a few moments. For the rest of the afternoon, she pestered everyone to play with her and throw a ball. She was even kind enough to put it in my hand (since I’m in a wheelchair and cannot reach the ground) once or twice so I could throw it too. She is a very clever dog and picked up on retrieving a ball from a very early age.

We discussed a few final details for the wedding, deciding that we were going to have an open bar, and a final head count of who will be there. I also saw the jewellery that Tasha had made for all of us, out of beads, and it is beautiful. Though my mother is now concerned that the light blue will not match my dress, but I think that it will.