It is almost 21:00 on the night before my wedding. I don’t know whether to say that I’m scared, excited or both. Ok, maybe not scared. Nervous would probably be a better description. One thing is for sure, before meeting Marc, I never dreamed this would happen.

Yesterday and today were sort of spent making sure everything was organised. Not that Marc and I have had much to organise. My mother has been a gem in sorting everything out. We did, however, take a drive out to the Greenbushes area, to locate Thatchwoods, where the reception was being held. We went for a walk around Homeleigh Farms next door. It’s quite a childish thing to do, but I enjoyed feeding the ducks and the goats and stuff. Though the ostriches scared me and the horse tried to eat the handle of my wheelchair.

From there we went to the Kragga Kamma Game Park and took a very long, leisurely drive around a beautiful game farm. There were loads of animals to see, even a rhinocerous, right at the end of the ride, though we did not get to see her 2-week old baby, named Rebecca. There was a separate enclosure in the middle of the reserve, with seven cheetah in, though we only saw one, on our second trip around the enclosure.

Halfway through the ride, we stopped for lunch at the lodge and came upon a beautiful tame cheetah, which I think was named Dumsa. He’s the star of a movie by the same name, which I have yet to so. On the sign, it said that we were able to pay for a 15 minute visit with him, in the cage, with a tour guide. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to pet him. He was very quiet and well-behaved for a 4.5 year old cheetah and just lay there while the five of us (3 tourists as well as Marc and myself) took turns to pet him and take photo’s.

From there, we went to Walmer Park and watched the movie “Next” before heading back to Gaby’s (Marc’s mom) place for dinner and saying hello to Ulf and Laura (his father and his girlfriend).

Last night, I did not sleep too well. I woke up in the early hours of the morning (as usual), needing the bathroom and could not get back to sleep afterwards. I don’t think it was nerves. I just like sleeping on my left side, but could not get comfortable, because I seemed to have a sore muscle in the left side of my rear. Yes, I know, weird. Very funny.

Today, Marc and I packed up our stuff and sorted out what we wanted Ulf to take back with them. Stuff we would not need, that would not fit in the suitcase. Marc also decided that he would like to stay on the beachfront for the last two nights of our stay here in Port Elizabeth, instead of with his mom, Gaby. He called it an extension of our honeymoon.

We went shopping. Marc needed some extra tapes for the video camera, and some clothes. We came back to my mother’s place and went for a walk. I would have much preferred to have had my electric wheelclhair, but he managed to push me around. I saw a few old friends on the walk and heard that one of my favourite dogs (I only petted him once, but always greeted him as I went past – a huge rotweiller named Gus) had passed on due to stomach cancer. Since then, his owners were burgled 3 times.

This evening, I have had a nice bath and my mother coloured my hair, to brighten up the natural colour. I also cut my nails. I hate long nails. They tend to break and get in the way when I’m typing.

Marc has been sending me sms through out the evening. He’s out with Sven, Ulf and Laura. He is totally drunk, by the sounds of things, but I know they’ll bring him to the church on time.

Head over Hills, our honeymoon location, in Knysna does have a wireless internet connection, so I will do my best to keep you updated.