Oh man, today has been hectic. Most of it good, but it’s ending on a worrying note. Pumba started coughing and bringing up small puddles of clear and frothy liquid, probably bile in the late afternoon. Marc eventually took him to the vet and came home with cough mixture, a Rimadyl chewable tablet (which we have to break into quarters) and some little orange pills. I’m not sure what’s wrong with him, but he’s sleeping comfortably now. I’m just hoping he digested enough of his medicine before he vomited the last time.

So, let’s see …what’s been happening today. We went to Sandton City t 9:00 to go do some shopping. Marc wanted to spend the Clicks vouchers that we got from Gaby as a wedding present on a Kenwood Frothie. He had already been to The Glen Shopping Centre yesterday and had been unable to find it. Unfortunately, it was not available there either. We eventually got it at Checkers. We also bought a large frying pan from Woolworths. (My mother has one and swears by it. She wanted to get us one as a wedding present, but we beat her to it, telling her that organising the whole wedding was a present enough.)

After watching the movie Fracture, Marc suddenly decided it was time to go home. He did not want to hit rush hour traffic. So we rushed through Checkers, getting a few odds and ends. He was not in the slightest bit interested in the photo albums I was looking at. He even moaned at the price of the one I liked – a large leather bound album, with a square of silver on the front which could be engraved.

It’s just our wedding photo’s that I want to put in there, but hey.

So we dashed past the pet shop, picking up Pumba’s dog tag, which I’d paid for before the movie, on the way. I wanted to get TJ a collar, so that he could stop wearing his harness, but nope, Marc did not even have time for that.

We got home and I put the shopping away while Marc started playing with his new toy (the Frothie). I took Pumba’s collar off to put the new tag on. He really did not like that. He settled again when we put the collar back on him and some time after that, he started coughing.