Ok, well, I don’t think this blog entry will be very long. For the very simple reason that not much happened. I got a load of laundry done today. Yay. Pumba is feeling better. Since we got home from the doctor, I think he’s only coughed once. Unfortunately, his little bottle of cough mixture fell to the floor and shattered.

I had made an appointment to seen an orthopod before we went on holiday and as it happens, he cannot help me. His colleague is the one who can and I’ve got an appointment to see him tomorrow. My boss should be all right with me working through lunch and leaving a bit early. The doc I saw today said that I am severely osteoporotic and that the Aredia treatment should help with my neck and shoulder aches. Hopefully, it will also get rid of my Carpal Tunnel, which was not relieved with the operation that I had last year.

Other than that, not much has happened. I’ve got friends all over who are nagging me to see my wedding pictures, and I’m not even back at work yet! Ok, only two – one via e-mail and the other on Skype. I have the CD’s and stuff on my desk. I’ve just been rather busy with other stuff. I’ve also got thank you letters to write for the gifts we received. I just don’t know what to write in them.

This ear ache of mine is not going away. I’ve just finished a course of antibiotics on Monday, prescribed to me by a doctor in Port Elizabeth. I cannot go see two doctors tomorrow. I just won’t have time. I’ve also got a hectic dry cough that seems to be getting worse. I’m going to go look for cough mixture now. I know we’ve got some somewhere.

‘Til tomorrow. 🙂