I am so tired, but there’s always so much to do. I actually need to get another load of laundry in the machine, which our maid can sort out tomorrow. It will be one less thing to do over the weekend, but I really do not feel up to much at all.

Work was fairly busy, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I came back to a load of e-mail, mostly funny stuff, but some other work-related as well, which looked like they had not been forwarded to my colleagues. I am sure that I put my “out of office” on before I left, but I still got work-related e-mails. I think I got all, except one, done today. Not bad, considering that I left work at 15:00 to go to another doctor’s appointment.

We had a very interesting visit with him, during which, I learnt why I sweat so much. It’s part of having brittle bones. I’ve still got ear ache, so I didn’t catch all he said, but I gathered that it was because of my compact size and a high metabolism rate. To cut a long story short, he thinks that the Aredia treatment will help, better than some type of pills (forget what they’re called). Basically, there is a low absorption rate from the pills, where as the Aredia is administered via an IV drip.

I think I need to read up again on everything about brittle bones. The last time I did it was many years ago. I don’t think I understood what I was reading. Plus, it seems like there are several treatments which, though it won’t cure brittle bones, can make life much easier for someone who has it.

When I started this entry, I was feeling very tired. My mouth is still very dry, but the Coryx that I took, while I was offline, seems to have taken the edge off my cold. That and the cough mixture. Depending how I feel tomorrow, I’ll either go to the doctor, or just go straight to the pharmacy, since there are a couple other things I want to get, besides something for this throat.

Pumba is still coughing as well. I think it’s only when he gets over-excited. The little rascal has a habit of sneaking around the back of me when I come into the yard with my wheelchair. He doesn’t run far, though. Each time he’s done it, Marc has caught up with him, sitting in front of the car, as if he wants to go for a drive.

Last night, we had a slight difference of opinion, Pumba and myself. The dogs wanted to play and we wanted to sleep. I pulled them apart by the scruff of their neck and Pumba twisted and tried to snap at me, for which I slapped him lightly on the muzzle. (Marc said that he tried to bite the vet when he tried to check that he was neutered.) I’m not sure whether it’s a true sign of aggression, since I took him by the scruff again this morning and he had no problem with it. Though, it is something I will be keeping an eye on. He does seem to be possessive of his chew toys as well.

One last thought, before I end off. Marc and I like to leave a window open for the dogs while we are out, so that they can have free access to the house, through the burglar bars. Since they are so small, it’s not a difficult feat to hop on to the low windowsill and climb through. This evening, we came home to find a puddle in the floor, in the lounge. I think that if it happens again on Friday (tomorrow the maid is here, and the dogs are not allowed in when she’s around), I may have to ask Marc to keep the window closed from now on.