I am so tired. My throat feels dry and it hurts to swallow. The only thing that felt good going down was my milo and I can’t exactly sit sipping milo all night. I went to the doctor (my GP this time) during lunch and I’ve got another course of antibiotics (these ones kick a lot more ass than the last ones, which were for my ear infection) as well some other meds. The one makes me really drowsy, so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to stay awake at work tomorrow.

Last night, after I logged off, I thought of several things that I wanted to mention in my blog but forgot to. I’m now sitting here and know there’s other things that I want to add, but do you think I can remember anything? It’s old age creeping in. I’ll need to start carrying a pen and paper around soon.

Yesterday was my first day back at work. What I do remember is that several people remarked how nice my hair looked. (I had it cut and coloured for the wedding, at my mother’s insistence.) My boss has told me that she no longer wants to see the dull “mousy” colour in my hair. Marc has to colour my hair regularly for me now. Though, I don’t think he’ll do it.

Some more things are coming back to mind about the doctor’s visit yesterday – to the Orthopedic surgeon. One of the things we discussed was whether there was a support group for people with Brittle Bones in South Africa. He said that there had been one in the 80’s, started by a lady who had a child with brittle bones, but let it slide as the child got older. Marc must have been bored at work today, or something, because he came across a site where another lady was doing something similar. The site is: Osteogenesis Imperfecta South Africa.

On the way out, I saw the other orthopedic surgeon that we saw the day before. He was pleased to hear that we are going to speak to our medical aid, to see if they would cover the Aredia treatment. He told me that the treatment could only do so much and that I also had to exercise. Unexercised limbs go to waste, he said. He told me about a lady, also with brittle bones who played tennis and how her fractures greatly reduced because of all the exercise she did.

That’s it for me, for tonight. I want to take my meds now and head off to dreamland. I wish we didn’t get sick. I wish we did not have to sleep. I wish … See? Already in dreamland. Good night. 🙂