Well, today should have been spent sorting through wedding pictures, since I found a small album in my cupboard that I could use until I found something better.

Instead, I logged on to Facebook and spent most of the day surfing through friends of friends, seeing who knew whom and often amazed at some of the names I found. I found my uncle in Colorado, as well as a couple friends that I had lost touch with from Kaffrarian Girls High. Originally, I logged on with a pseudonym, because I am still security conscious when it comes to being online, but I did a name change and now use my real name, since I can control who sees what.

Last night was rather hard for me. It was easy to tell Marc that we need to dismantle Fayth’s old bed and throw it out. It was another story, completely, watching him do it. He kept apologising and asked if he should put it back together again. I had to leave the room, since I was crying so hard. Today, I am fine again, and can go into the lounge and not miss it. But her collar and check-chain still lie next to my bed. I don’t think I will ever move them.

I’m sitting here, trying to think of something to write in this blog entry (besides the fact that I’m still coughing, though not the chest-hurting-can’t-stop coughs from yesterday) and it’s actually quite pathetic how little I’ve done today. Ok, I just put a few things away in the cupboard, but my desk is a mess.

Something I am looking forward to is two of my three African Violets flowering. I don’t know what I am doing right, but I can see the buds forming between the leaves. This plant I have in my office is also doing well, though I don’t think it will ever flower. I need to trim one of the branches again. It’s heavy and bending over. The inside plants are a lovely dark green colour, while the ones outside are pretty much dead – the bushes are fine. I’m talking about pot plants. So much for the gardening I used to enjoy.