… and my post nasal drip has turned into a runny nose and the cough feels like it will never leave. My hearing comes and goes and I’ve still got funny noises in my left ear. I’ll fall asleep and it will block up. The next day, I blow my nose, my ear pops and I can hear again. It is annoying, but it will clear, like my nose and throat.

Facebook is awesome. I have gotten in touch with so many old friends already, it’s unbelievable. Marc has also registered and also gotten in touch with several friends. We went to dinner last night with a university friend of his. I ended up having left-overs for lunch today at work.

Work has been very relaxed this week. Our whole team has been in, so there’s not been a stressful build up of work. Next week, Riaan goes on leave, though, and the week after, Maud does as well, so for 2 weeks, we’ll be down to 4 people. That will be fun. (Not!)

We’re still waiting for the doctor to send motivation to the medical aid for the Aredia treatment. I am hoping that we can get it approved soon, so that I can have it done next week, else I may have to wait a while, until Riaan returns from leave. It may be a little hectic for the team to only have 3 people to do the work of 6, even if it is only for three days.

In other news, Pumba has settled in well. He no longer tries to run out the gate when we get home. Now, he joins TJ in jumping against Marc’s legs as he opens the front door, leaving me to safely close the gate without worrying about either of them escaping. He has an issue with people playing with his tail. I don’t know why. I haven’t phoned the grooming parlour back, since they went on Tuesday, but I’m hoping he did not give them too much trouble. (We took the dogs for a walk over the weekend and they got covered in blackjacks).

Once again, there is not much to report back. We’re both getting in touch with old friends, and so finally developing a social life. We went out last night (for dinner with Katherine) and have several events planned for Saturday – breakfast with one friend (of Marc’s), dropping off our excess dog food with someone Marc knows from work, and then meeting another friend (also of Marc’s) for pizza later that same day. From my side, an old school friend, Lee-Ann wants to meet up, as well as another friend from work wants to know all about the wedding.

I really need to get those photo’s sorted out, even if I only print a few for a small photo album until I find something better to put them in. I have so many people asking about them, but have not had a chance to sort through them…