It has been a long day. We were out from about 8:45 this morning, until 18:00. Our first stop was to meet up with Marc’s friend, Steve, for breakfast. We had arranged to meet at a place called “Gloria Jeans” in Sandton City. After walking from one end of Sandton City, to the other end of Michaelangelo’s Towers and could not find it. We found Exclusive Books, though, in the latter shopping centre and just as Marc was about to lose his cool, we bumped into Steve. We were standing outside Lattelicious. He took one look at the place, puzzled and said that he could have sworn that it was Gloria Jeans a week ago.

We sat down and started chatting, catching up on what’s been happening. A lot of the conversation revolved around what Marc and Steve’s old classmates were up to, thanks to having gotten in touch with them on Facebook. Then Steve started telling stories about the mischief they got up to in school. I don’t think I have laughed so hard in a long time.

From there, we went to drop off our excess dogfood at Emile’s. Since we were unable to stop for coffee, we were invited to visit again.

From there, we went to Brightwater Commons and met up with Charles at Eidelweiss again. Again, I spent most of the time just sitting and listening to the conversations around me. Charles had brought his brother and a friend along as well. I do not always have much to contribute to a conversation, but I still enjoy listening to what others are chatting about. They kept asking if I was bored, but I only got really bored when the rugby started (SA vs New Zealand) and the conversations stopped.

That was when I decided to leave the table and wander around the shops and the flea market. I was only wearing a thin jacket, so it must have been walking around in the open that got my nose running again. I am warm again now, so that is under control, but I am still coughing like mad.

Once the rugby was over, I sent Marc an SMS asking if we could leave. On the way home, we stopped at Charles’ house to pick up my memory card for my new camera, which is a 10MB, so depending on which setting I have it, I can store anything from 400-1,000 pictures. Maybe even more.

What I also found out is that Charles has invited us round for a braai (BBQ) on the weekend after next. So, that will be the weekend of the 7th of July. Charles has suggested that Marc organise a “Toot ‘n Scoot” (from what I understand, someone rides to where ever you are, pops their scooter into the back of your car, drives you home, if drunk and leaves on their scooter. For a fee, of course.) or we are invited to stay the night. I quite like the second option, but Charles has two rotweillers, who would not take kindly to two little scamps like TJ and Pumba. They have already sent Charles’ 3rd dog to the vet a couple times already. We do not know how TJ and Pumba would react to being left outside for a night, since they normally sleep inside with us.

One last note. Pumba is a bully. TJ had a hoof that he wanted, so he snapped at him and took it. I then decided that I wanted it and tried to take it off him. He growled at me, so I lightly slapped him and yanked it out of his mouth. We then had a staring competition until he was distracted by TJ. I heard that if you are ever caught in a staring competition, you should always make the dog look away first, or the dog will lose respect. A friend had two alsations and this happened with one and a vet. The vet looked away first. Now, the dog tries to attack him whenever they go back.