Thanks, Jean, for pointing it out to me while I was still at work. I’m glad I’m still getting hits, but it’s hard work keeping my average up. Maybe if I put a note up on Facebook every now and then to remind friends about my blog, I’ll keep getting hits … Yes, ok, I’m scheming.

Monday is over. That’s the good news. Riaan is on leave. That’s the bad news. It was not too bad today, work-wise. I managed to get everything done, except for the filing by about 16:10, which was just before home time. Not bad, considering I had Ms. Energizer bunny phoning me every so often to ask if I’d started on the list she had e-mailed me. She’s new to the Technical team and she sounds like a great lady, but seriously, she needs to relax sometimes.

I didn’t blog last night, because I thought I had nothing to blog about. Sitting in the car this morning, I realised that I still have not blogged about my wedding and honeymoon. I still need to get through the photographs and print some, and write thank you letters as well. Do you really think I want to do all that?

The wedding, as you know, happened on the 3rd of June. The night before, Marc went out and got drunk, with his father and brother, Ulf and Sven and Ulf’s girlfriend, Laura. He told me that he had several beers and still felt fine. Then, he had one Jack Daniels cocktail and could not remember anything after that. Sven had to drag him out of the Boardwalk, apparently deliberately making him walk into a couple poles on the way, to see if he was really drunk, or faking it. Marc remembers falling out of the car and rolling in some grass once they got home. He also remembers waking at 2:00am and rushing to the bathroom to vomit.

Meanwhile, I sat at home, having my hair coloured, and wrote a blog entry. I missed out on all the fun.

The next morning, I got woken up at 7:00, because we had to go to Million Hairs to get our hair done. Nadine used a lot of clips to make loops in my hair and arrange five rose buds in a semi-circle at the top. My mother and grandmother had their hair done as well and then we went back home. I had some breakfast, but was only able to finish one slice of toast with jam on. My grandfather’s dog, Honey, watched me eat every bite and I spoilt her a little with some crust.

Sven arrived before I was even dressed. He arrived with his girlfriend, Tasmin, to take photographs of us all before we went to church. I do not remember much about the day, except that I was very happy and everything went off perfectly. Sven and my mother took several pictures of myself and our family, before we headed for church. We took a few more pictures and someone took a classic picture of me looking fed up at all the pictures being taken.

The ceremony was perfect. The wedding was held at the Westering Methodist Church, with my folks’ minister, Charmaine, doing the service. She read from 1 Corinthians 12, chapter 3 (if that’s how you say it right), all about love. There was a hymn, which we sang to the tune of Amazing Grace, but I forget the name. I wanted it, because it was a well-known tune, and because Amazing Grace was sung at my grandfather’s funeral.

Marc told me that Ulf (his best man) was rather nervous about what to do when handing over the rings, but there was no hitch that I noticed (besides Marc and myself getting hitched – bad joke, sorry). Afterwards, we signed the registry and proceeded back outside, where everyone tossed rose petals over us.

When I get excited, I tend to wiggle my toes a lot. It’s a habit I have had since I was a child. Janet, my best friend, has always been able to tell my mood by the way my feet react. As I went into the church, my toes did not keep still. Janet took a video of the whole service. I was very aware of her filming, to our left, and felt obliged to smile nearly the whole time.

In the car, on the way to the reception, which was held at Thatchwoods, I sat on Marc’s lap. We did not have many cars hooting as we passed, with ribbons and balloons on the car, but it was still a great drive. When we got to the restaurant, we drove around the back, which was down a steep driveway and gave easy access. Thanks to Michael, we had a photographer waiting from the Herald (for this article). More photo’s were taken before we went inside to eat.

There was a choice of three items each for starters, main meal and dessert. That was not including the chocolate cake. We had four tables for our party and fifth table was a 90th birthday party. Between courses, we had speeches from Gareth, Ulf and Marc. Ulf went on to describe where Marc had come from in Germany and some of the things that I could expect. Somehow, I do not expect to see him wearing lederhozen (spelling?) any time soon.

He then went on to tell the story about how Marc had written on the back of his door in 1999 that he would never get married and never have children. If he were, he would eat the door with mustard. Since Ulf did not want to part with his door, Gaby made a small replica cake, coated in wood shavings. True to his word, Marc took a bite and ate it with mustard.

As per tradition, I attempted to throw my bouquet, after the meal. I cannot throw anything to save my life. The bouquet landed in the fan. The second attempt was a little more successful and I think my cousin, Nicole, got it. Marc then threw my garter. I don’t remember who got that.

After we had thanked everyone for coming, and paying the bill, we went out to the car. Laura had obligingly tied some cans on to the back of our rental car. After we had driven out of sight of the restaurant, we pulled them off. Janet happened to stop along side and told Marc to drop them in the back of her car. Off we went to Knysna for our honeymoon. Since this blog entry is long enough, you will have to wait longer for that story…