Work was fairly quiet today. I actually hate it when it’s too quiet, because then I’ve got everything done and have to find something to keep me busy, or at least look like I’m doing something, if there is nothing.

Marc had a conference at Monte Casino today, so it looks like he’ll only be able to get back to the office to fetch me after 18:00. All my work is done, so I thought I would log into my blog and see what was happening. It is nice to keep an eye on stats, as I’ve mentioned before. It is seeing an average of 10-15 hits daily that keeps me motivated and writing. This blog has been going for about three months now and it’s probably the longest I’ve kept a blog going and still written so often.

I enjoy keeping an eye on the Search Engine Terms in my stats. These are the phrases people have used in search engines such as Google and then clicked a link to my blog in the search results. I have copied the search terms before and had a look how far down the search results my blog appears. I’ve seen it appear as high as page 3 of results.

I have often seen lyrics being used in search terms to find my blog. A couple times, it was words from “One Bad Dream”, by Indecent Obsession. Another was “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi. That was quite obvious, since that is the title of this blog and one of my most favourite songs of all time.

Yesterday, someone did a really strange search. Why does my nose run when I defecate? Yes, I am not kidding you. Someone typed that into a search engine and found my blog. No jokes.

Another search term that was used yesterday was: haltee for dogs. I actually no not remember ever writing about the use of a haltee, but maybe I mentioned it in passing in one of my “Catching up” entries right at the beginning. A haltee is the same for a dog as what a halter is for a horse. There is no bit between the teeth, but the concept is the same – control the head and the dog will obey. My facts may be a little off, though. It’s been 10 years since I learnt about it and almost as long since I used one on Fayth.

When I first got Fayth (she was a Service dog, trained by the South African Guide-dog Association), she used a haltee quite frequently. It would focus her attention on the fact that work had to be done. Her whole attitude would change. She hated wearing it and would do anything to get it off as soon as possible. As time wore on, I got more and more relaxed with her training and eventually did not use it at all. Just the threat of it was enough.

Please note that if you are considering using a haltee in training your dog, I have heard that not all dogs respond well to its use. I have also heard (but may be wrong) that if you only use the clasp under the chin and yank hard enough, you could severely injure or kill your dog. Please use a haltee with caution.

That is all for today. I should start packing up now, in case traffic is lighter than expected and Marc arrives early. Please check back soon for more updates.