Hump day has started with a bump. First of all, get your mind out the gutter. Today is Wednesday. The middle of the week and half way to weekend. That’s what I am talking about, not about whatever you were thinking of.

Back to that bump. As you can see, I’m in the office very early again. Just in case we have system problems. This time, I slept in for an extra 10 minutes and left the house a fraction later. So we only got to the office just before 07:00. That was what I called better timing.

The other bump is that something disagreed with my guts. I’ve taken 2 Immodium and hopefully don’t have to make another trip to the bathroom. It must have been that chicken that I bought for lunch and only ate for supper. Because of the system problems, one of the managers bought us pizza for lunch. Because I was stuck in the lift, I only found out about it after I’d bought my own lunch.

Yep, I was stuck in the lift yesterday. For about 15 minutes, that lift was going up and down and did not want to stop, despite me jabbing buttons. Every so often, it would bounce to a jarring halt before continuing on its journey. Not fun at all. It did stop once, in the basement, for someone who wanted to get in. I yelled at him not to get in and the doors closed before I could escape. Wheelchairs are so slow sometimes. Up and down some more. Eventually it stopped on the ground floor and I was able to get out. There were several people waiting to get in and, with my nerves shot, I told them to rather use the other lift.

So, I finally got home, after leaving the office at about 17:20 (left my desk at 17:05) and spent 40 minutes in traffic (half of which was spent getting out of the basement and turning right to get on to the main road. It’s always like that when there’s a problem on the freeway.

I did not spend much time on the computer. I checked Facebook, had a quick look at the walk-through for my next scenario on Caesar IV and did a couple other things. Much as I did not want to, I loaded the washing machine with Marc’s clothes – again tactics. The machine will start at about 15:00 and be done by the time we get home (it’s on a timer). Since it’s Marc’s stuff, it means that there will be very few items to hang on the line. I’ll either wash my own stuff over the weekend, or leave it for the maid on Monday again.

After that, I sat on the couch with Marc, and Pumba on my lap (yippee, I’ve finally got a dog that likes my company more than Marc’s).

It’s almost 08:00 now. We woke Riaan about half an hour ago to wish him Happy Birthday for his 21st. He was barely awake and could only answer “Ja” (yes) to all our questions, which had us laughing. We sang to him and told him to go back to sleep and enjoy his leave.

So far so good. There are no system problems. The phones are ringing, but it’s not too bad and it’s only normal requests coming through. Let’s hope Hump Day passes with no more bumps.