As you can see, I’ve finally put some photo’s up of our wedding online. The quality of the pictures is not spectacular, but I don’t have much space to work with. Plus, there may be friends connecting to my blog who only have a dial-up connection.

Editing the pictures, uploading them and creating the pages took the best part of two days – most of this weekend. In between, I was watching TV with Marc, and playing games online.

Today, I’m hoping write a blog and then create one more gallery page. This one won’t have many pictures in, but will rather highlight events in our life. It’s just an idea. I’ve not created it yet. I also want to reorder the pages of my blog. Hopefully, it will allow me to do so with this theme, or I’ll either change it or send a message to the author and ask about it. I have noticed that the pages are listed alphabetically.

There actually is not much to write about, yet again. Work has been hectic, but I think I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel with the closures. Mo said he would help on Saturday, but it will be ok if he hasn’t. I’m not expecting as many this week as last week. But there are some that I will need to follow up on.

My African Violets are still looking beautiful. A third flower is opening with a fourth not far behind. Once that’s opened, I’lll take a picture and post it in my blog. That same plant has lots more flowers coming. And the other two are also developing flowers, but it’s going to take a long time before they are ready to flower. Hopefully this one will not have finished flowering by the time the others do.

Animals in the News
Big Jessie: Homely hippo loves a massage

I haven’t had a chance to look around for animal stories recently, but stumbled upon this really cute one. The family took in the 1-day old baby after a flood and she has never left. The gentle giant is free to leave when ever she wants, but chooses to be pampered rather than spend her nights with her wild counterparts.