Yesterday was Friday 13th. For those who are superstitious, I hope it passed without incident. Considering I was at work, it could not have passed any better. In fact, it was great. Thanks to Mo’s help, I have caught up with just about everything that I needed to do. On Monday, there are a couple e-mails that I will need to send and then I am on top of everything.

The last two or three evenings, I have been reading through all my blog entries that I have posted since I started this site. No, I was not losing my marbles. There was reason behind my madness. The one reason was because I’ve still not shared my pictures at work. I was a little concerned about what I’d written in my blog that might have been work related. I did not have to worry, though.

The second reason was because I felt that my earlier blog entries did not a true reflection of what I was writing about. I just created a whole lot of blog categories (tags) and ticked the ones which I thought might pull people into reading my blog, from the tag surfer and searches and stuff. So, I went back and formatted the entries which looked after.jpguntidy and edited all the tags. I am glad to say that the tag cloud below better reflects what I write about and what I like most. If you click any of the links in the cloud, you will get to read about all the entries that relate to that topic.

I know that I keep promising a picture of my African Violet that is flowering so nicely. Thing is, every time I look at it, I notice a flower that is almost ready to open, or there is a flower that has not opened completely. I was looking at the plant again this morning and noticed a couple things. First, the flower stalks have 6 flowers on each, not 4 as originally mentioned. Then I noticed that some of the new leaves were growing a little stunted because they were trying to grow around the flower stalk, which did not work too well. I found that the leaf stems and flower stalks were actually quite flexible and I was able to gently move them apart so that they were able to grow better.

Here I am at it again. I am comparing the length of my left column to how much I have written in my blog and wondering what else I can write about so that the columns can even out a little better. I was discussing this with Elize on Thursday night, actually, on IRC. She said that it was not weird, that “it does say a lot about your personality” and “its a symetrical appreciation – you are a perfectionist”.

I am not a perfectionist in everything. My office is still a mess, as you know. But there are some things that need to look “just so”. This blog is one of those things. My work is another.

Well, I am now happy with what I’ve written. The columns won’t be quite even, but it will be good enough. We are going out in half an hour, to a farewell party for one of Marc’s colleagues at work. She’s going to home to Sweden (I think she said) on Monday. After that, I’m hoping to meet up with some of my friends for some 10-pin bowling fun, but we’ll have to see how the day progresses.