I have spent most of today working on my blog. I even received a couple hits while trying to decide which theme would work best. I wonder what those people (or one person) were (was) thinking when the look of my blog changed twice in as many minutes. I’ve finally settled on a theme that I like, for now. I still prefer something with the narrow column on the right.

After that, I created a couple new pages and reordered my pages. I’ve now got a gallery, and all my picture pages are listed below it. I removed my links from the small column and put them all on a separate page. I then also removed the “Archives” drop-down box widget from the column and added a widget linking to my pictures on Flickr. I’ve decided to upload larger, better quality, images there where I have more space.

As usual, I have been keeping an eye on my search engine terms (things people have typed into a search engine, and then clicked a link in the results and finding my blog) and I really have to comment on a few. I would actually love to know where in the world some of these people are from.

The first one: “radio stations refusing to play taylor hicks” … We are from South Africa. We don’t really hear much from the American Idols once they are off TV, but I enjoy Taylor Hicks and I would actually be sorely disappointed if Highveld did not play his songs. The problem is that I don’t listen to the radio often enough to actually hear them being played. We were driving to a farewell on Saturday and heard a song of his on the Top 40, so he is definitely popular.

The second one: “pictures of carrie under wood s feet” … Yes, I like American Idols. Please note the word like and not love. I’m sorry to say that you will not find pictures of Carrie Underwood’s feet here. Nor the feet of any other Idol. Or, for that matter, anybody else!

A less exciting search term: “getting a seeing eye dog excited nervous”. I was very excited when I first heard I was able to get a Service Dog (slightly different from seeing eye dog, but still trained for a disabled person – I’m in a wheelchair). It was to be a whole new chapter in my life. We flew up to Johannesburg (to the SA Guide-dog Centre) the day before my birthday, so I considered it a bonus birthday present. My first vivid memory of meeting Fayth was a pang of disappointment because she did not want to lick my hand like the other dog was licking another lady’s hand. She was also in a wheelchair. She just did not want to know me.

That changed as time wore on, though, and now, all I’m left with are the memories. To some, it may have seemed that I did not care about her that much, because I did not brush her daily and things like that, but looks never mattered – my own least of all. I accepted her and loved her for who she was – a dog that helped me and was my best friend. Her health and comforts were my primary concern. So long as she was happy, so was I. I may not have given her as much attention as I should have, but she was spoilt in other ways and I miss her so very much.