Today has been long and tiring. Since Riaan’s back, he’s got all his queries, but there still seemed to be a very steady flow of work coming across my desk, which was not helped by the fact that the phones were quite busy today.

I am probably also feeling tired because I’m feeling hungry. I am trying to cut back on what and how much I eat (even cutting out the jam I have on my toast for breakfast), but it probably did not help that I did not eat lunch. Marc bought me food, as usual, but things were just so busy that I picked at it whenever my stomach started grumbling.

Every morning, the radio wakes us up with Highveld Stereo playing. I really enjoy listening to the Rude Awakening, especially when the whole team are in. This morning was no exception, with Sam finding juicy tidbits about different weird, wonderful and strange stories, as well as celebrity gossip.

Yep, Daniel Craig was in the news and Sam mentioned the story on air. It seems that he started his acting career, dressed as Mr Marmite and handing out samples of marmite to supermarket shoppers.

Something funny happened just now. Marc said he had an itch on his back and wanted me to check what it was. He was lying on the bed, face down and Pumba came along and noticed the mole on Marc’s left side. The silly mutt tried to chew it off! 😀

Animals in the News
Puppy Love

This is just too cute. A little chihuahua puppy was born in Japan with a heart shape in his fur. It’s totally natural. You have to see the pictures for this one. There are seven pictures with this story. I’d love a puppy just like him.

Crikey! Gators taken from Spokane man’s home

I wouldn’t mind a visit from a neighbour’s pet every now and then (though my dogs would really protest), but they had better be well-behaved … and preferably not an alligator. Of any size. A man in Spokane, somewhere in America, had two alligators as pets. Even at 13 inches in size, I’d not want to have one of those critters. One of them got picked up by a company that deals with wildlife after it went to visit a neighbour. Now, the man is facing losing both of them, because it is illegal to have any “member of the crocodilia family” as a pet in Spokane.

Yes, strange but true.