For the last two days now, I have been feeling incredibly restless. I know that I really don’t want to be sitting here doing work, but if I were able to leave the office now and do anything I wanted, I don’t know what it is I would do either. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt like that, but it is really frustrating. I don’t want to read a book, or watch TV. There’s nothing on the PC that would interest me in this kind of mood. I think, that if I could, I’d go for a long walk (or ride, since I’m in a wheelchair) and I don’t know where I’d end up.

My blog stats seem to have settled down now. For the last two or three days, I’ve been getting less than 30 hits each day, and even less with each day that passes. I think the craze with my wedding pictures is finally done. Considering how many times my site address has been passed around, I wonder how many new readers I’ve received to my blog and how many will come back to visit on a regular basis. I will be interested to see how my average has changed (if at all) over the next couple weeks.

I finally noticed last night that my second African Violet’s flowers are opening. The flower stems are a lot shorter than the first plant and I’m wondering whether this has anything to do with its distance from my lamp. All three are in different stages of flowering and I have rearranged my desk, as you know, so that they are closer to the lamp. I was making a close inspection of the one that has just started flowering last week and I noticed a couple smaller plants developing under the leaves. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but I suspect a couple leaves broke while I was repotting it and they took root. I am going to have to get new pots soon and repot it all over again.

Another idea that occurred to me was asking Marc to put up a wire frame under my office window. It does not get direct light and is pretty protected (though I’ll have to do research as to whether they can tolerate rain). In it, I’d like to put a rectangular plastic pot (or two, if they’ll fit) and plant my African Violets out there. I think it would be interesting to see how they adapted.

So I did take my friend up on her suggestion to start a photo blog. I have been looking through all my old pictures that I’ve been taking over the last four years (give or take) and have found some stunning ones that I just had to share with people. They’re nothing spectacular, since photography is just a hobby, but I’ve just happened to be lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and taken some beautiful pictures. The link is in the narrow column, below my Flickr link.

Writing this blog has settled me down and I feel more relaxed. I think it’s time to be productive, until the need to get out of here rises again…