Today is two months since Marc and I exchanged our vows. Yesterday was three months since Fayth passed. With the dates being so close, it’s hard to miss one without missing them both. Last month, we did not even realise our anniversary had passed. This month, despite the petrol shortages (there’s a strike in the petroleum industry), we took a slight detour and had supper at a Chinese restaurant not far from us.

And now, because I’m sitting down to write this blog, everything that I wanted to write about is being forgotten. Yesterday, there was a party for everyone in Card Division. Something to do with the new awards programme that has taken effect. There was some serious miscommunication but all I will say is that assumption is the mother of all f-ups. This morning, Mo was sweet enough to buy me a chocolate to thank me for covering for him and doing his late shift.

I had an early lunch again (around 11:00) since Marc was up and around (for once – it’s rare he takes a proper lunch, that I’m aware of) and was at the Atrium buying pancakes. The Atrium is the area between two of work’s buildings where there are a few shops and the doctor’s rooms and a large area where promotional events are held. Today they were doing some fundraising for an organisation, selling pancakes, fruit juice, cuppa soup and coffee. One could also make donations.

After Marc and I parted ways, I went past the Atrium to the park and met up with my friends and their guide dogs. Evvy (short for Evan) nearly pulled Ronelle off her feet again wanting to say hello. Casey, Magda’s dog, wanted a quick pat before going to work and Leonardo, who is Chris’ dog, decided he was enjoying the outdoors and was unwilling to leave the park again. I briefly saw Claire and her dog, but, since I did not want to disturb her while her dog was taking care of nature, we did not get to chat. The rest of us (Magda, Chris and Ronelle arrived a short while after Claire left) had a chat about various things, mostly about my wheelchair, its cost and availability of parts.

The picture that I chose for today’s blog is another that did not want to upload to my Shutterchance blog. It is also another of my favourites. Taken sometime near the end of 2005, or the beginning of 2006, the dogs had just had a bath. It was one of the few times that we actually bathed them ourselves, before we moved to the south of Johannesburg. I really like this picture because it is a clear and sharp image and shows how much TJ used to dote on Fayth. They were truly inseparable.