Today was Women’s Day and a public holiday. I don’t know exactly why we observe this day, but it’s a day off work, so I’m not complaining. I spent it relaxing and took advantage this morning by riding around the complex in my wheelchair taking photographs.

I went around the bottom half of the complex this time, since some dogs were really annoyed at me passing by their house. As I was going around, a cat walked up to me as if I were its best friend and circled my chair several times, allowing me to pet it. It then moved off a little and started grooming its self. It did not even run when I moved again and was not bothered in the slightest when I edged forward for a better shot. This picture has not even been uploaded to my other blog yet, but I could not resist sharing.

I have been meaning to post an entry for the last two days, but have found a reason not to each time. Lame excuses. On Tuesday, I heard a story on the radio that left me shocked. I don’t normally blog on controversial issues, but I will be getting on my soapbox in a moment.

As mentioned, today is Women’s Day. Yesterday, Card Division celebrated with a function for all the ladies. It was a nicely organised event, but for me, the speeches were exceptionally boring and I left early, still hungry, since I wanted to go home and the food was only being served just before 17:00. What were the speeches about? Empowering yourself (first one) and good clothing colours and how to put on make-up (second one). Apparently, having too much make-up, or none at all, means that nobody will take you seriously. I don’t wear make-up. If someone cannot take me for who I am, tough! Personally, if they wanted speeches, I would have preferred something a little more entertaining and food served in between. Alternatively, have little “booths” set up where anyone who was interested could go check it out.

In The News
Police stole pigs – SPCA
Follow-up story: Police did ‘absolutely nothing’

I do not like to speak out about controversial issues, especially in this blog, which is online for everyone to read. However, after hearing this story on the radio and then reading about it on a news site left me chilled and seriously worried. I actually don’t know who to be more angry with, or what to be more concerned about.

The story revolves around an accident which happened in the Eastern Cape, where a truck carrying a load of pigs overturned. The whole incident is now under investigation. From my understanding of the story, police were despatched to the scene and stood by without trying to intervene as a mob of locals descended upon the pigs and hacked them to death. According to the first article, some of the police smelt of alcohol. It gets worse. Some of the members of the police then removed the license plates from their official vehicles, loaded some of the injured pigs into them and drove off. As I said, this is now under investigation.

First off, I was disgusted at how the poor animals, which had already been traumatised by the accident were gutted and hacked apart while still alive. The people who did this were uneducated and probably hungry. Food is food.

Second, I was even more horrified by the response of some of the police involved. To remove the plates from their cars and help themselves to the bounty. As someone on the myADSL forum pointed out, they are not well paid to begin with, but surely they should not take part in such behaviour. The old saying “if you can’t beat them, join them” must definitely not apply here.

Third, I was extremely worried at the lack of concern from the forum members when I posted a link to the first article. I was listening to the radio and callers were outraged and asking where they could direct letters voicing their concern. On the forum, it was like, oh yes, another form of corruption. I’m sorry, but if members of the police behave like this, how can you trust them? As said on the radio, how can you trust them to pitch at a burglary of your home and not rape the women living there? Or help themselves to something the burglars forgot to take.

The police are a symbol of the law. If they cannot uphold the law, then who can you trust?