… sort of. I’ve got Firefox Portable on my Work PC, which means I can have several tabs open at once (like IE 7) and not clutter up my tool bar. And I can keep my window on a specific tab, and nobody’s the wiser.

Anyhow, I know it’s been a while since my last post. I wanted to post on Sunday or Monday, but it was a lazy (and busy – yes contradictory, I’ll get to that in a bit) weekend and on Monday, I found that I had a worm on my computer, which I had brought home from work on my USB stick. We managed to clear it, but my PC is in quarantine, just in case it comes back. With luck, I should be back online tomorrow.

So, as I was saying, it was a lazy and busy weekend. We went to the Panorama Flea Market on Saturday morning, with the intention of buying a table. Instead, I traded in a packet of books and bought a new Clive Cussler and spoiled the dogs rotten with some rope and squeaky toys. True as bob, when we got home, they were not interested in the toys. TJ only wanted an ostrich chew and Pumba wanted a hoof. It was really funny watching them play tug of war the next day, though.

After leaving the flea market, we went to Builders Warehouse, where we found tables to suit our purpose. Well, the box they came in (had to be set up ourselves) said that they were actually bar stools, but at such a low height, they served their purpose. The one, we put the microwave on and the other is next to the front door, for keys and whatever else. Which means we can now put the ironing board away. We had originally been dumping stuff on top of the ironing board, but it was an eye-sore and took up space.

We also got one of those plastic stacked drawer things – six stacked drawers, like the one in the kitchen, for me to sort and put things away in, in my office. Not that I’ve put a lot in them, yet. I still need to clear the box that was in the corner that the drawers is now standing in.

Animals In The News
Well… Here’s Miaaw

This was too cute not to share. This cat was rescued by Talita and Justin Lofthouse 10 years ago, but had a habit of disappearing for days on end. Four years ago, he disappeared completely and they thought he was dead. Imagine their surprise when Justin saw him crossing the road a couple months ago…