For most of this afternoon, I just didn’t know what to do with myself. I didn’t want to do anything on the computer. I was tired, but couldn’t sleep. Every time I was just drifting off, something would happen that woke me up again.

Finally, at about 15:00, Marc and I took a walk to the shops. Since there is no paved path outside the complex, it was the first time we actually went for a walk. It felt so good to do something different. Even though my eyes were glued to the ground for most of the trip, watching where my wheelchair was going, I really enjoyed the time out. It was good to go for a walk again.

After we came home, I lay on the couch while we watched Survivor SA and Marc rubbed some ice-man into the right side of my back. It’s still sore, but I think it helped a bit.

Last week Sunday, Marc and I met up again with Charles at Eidelweiss and watched the Grand Prix and chatted a bit. Later, Ulf and Laura joined us and we had a late lunch-dinner, staggered over several hours. Marc got me a rose from someone walking round with an arm full of them. A week later, it still looks like it had been bought the day before. Once I got home, I cut the stem and put it in fresh water, which I think helped keep it fresh.

This evening, I put my African Violets outside again in the evening sunlight. I may not do it again tomorrow, because some of the leaves are becoming a little pale – a sign that they may be getting too much light. Perhaps just the position they are in, with the sun streaming through the curtains all day each day is enough for them.

After supper, I went out photographing again. Oliver is looking good again, though still aloof. It seems he’s a morning cat, if you want his attention. Maybe that other day I saw him, when he did not look too good, he’d been rolling in some sand or something. I saw the lady that feeds him again and I mentioned the rescue group “Friends of the Cat” for if she felt she could not look after Oliver and Spook (his jet-black pal). She told me that it was not a hassle at all feeding them. It was just that a feral cat scares them and that one and the dog next door have a tendency to eat their food.

For now, Oliver and Spook are fine. I’ve not seen Spook actively moving around much, but Oliver seems to have a good relationship with several people and is not totally alone.

And how can I forget that today is the first day of Spring? The weather was really warm, after a cold start to the week. And everywhere, there is new growth happening. Some trees are a little slower than others, but the growth is there. It is so nice to see things changing to a multitude of colours after the bare months of winter.