I am actually glad that I didn’t blog last night. I was exhausted and tired of feeling so sore all the time. To say I was depressed was almost an understatement. Topped off with being that time of the month, I did not have a fun night. Strangely enough, though, I slept quite well and my back feels a little better this morning.

The fact of the matter was that I’ve actually been having a good few days. On Saturday, Marc got a new car seat cover for my wheelchair. (I spent the whole day at work with it on yesterday and very few have noticed it.) Then we went for that walk as well.

On Sunday, we took the dogs to the vet. Pumba needed his kennel cough shot before going off to Dogon (with TJ) over the long weekend so that Marc and I can go to the game reserve for 5 days. After the visit to the vet, we dropped our stuff in the car, crossed the road and took the dogs around the large park there and had a beautiful walk. I would have liked to let TJ off leash, but he can’t be trusted to return when called.

As we were returning to the car, I saw a beautiful bush (couldn’t really call it a tree because the branches were hanging right down to the ground) full of red, pink and white flowers. The flowers must fade as they get older. Of course, I hauled out my camera and took a few pictures. There were some blurred, but hopefully I’ll upload one to Shutterchance next week some time.

Saving the best for last here. Yesterday, I phoned the doctor again. I was actually reluctant to do so, considering the receptionist’s attitude the week before. This time, there was good news, though. She had found the motivation letter as she was filing and told me she had faxed it off at the beginning of August. I told Marc, who phoned the medical aid and he told me a consultant was checking up on why it had not been actioned already. I will keep you updated on further progress in that regard.

Yesterday’s picture on Shutterchance was a rose. For a single day’s hits, I think it’s been my best so far. 33 hits in a single day, and 9 comments. Today’s picture of Pumba and TJ with a ball is not that great, but it’s one I wanted to share, since it’s not often Pumba gets the ball and he looked so pleased with himself.

I am still deciding what pictures I’m going to post for the rest of the week. I’ve got a few cat pictures and then about another week’s worth which I haven’t uploaded yet. For the second time now, I am actually running low on pictures to upload. Hopefully we can go out somewhere this weekend again and I’ll have more photo opportunities.