Morning everyone. I thought I should write something, so that you would know that I am still around. The fact is that everything has been so quiet, there’s been nothing to write about.

Work has been fairly quiet. I’ve got work to do, but haven’t been so bogged down that it’s become stressful. It’s actually been a relaxing week for once, though I suppose it will pick up as the month gets going.

I guess the only thing of major note is that I’ve been getting some hectic headaches this week and I’m not sure why. I’ve been using my glasses most of the time and especially when I feel a headache coming on, but it hasn’t really been helping. Thing is, I’m not keen on popping pills every time I feel sore, or have a headache, since I know how addictive some meds can be. Most of the time, I would rather be in a bit of discomfort than pop a pill.

I have been enjoying the music on the radio in the mornings. They have been playing Daughtry quite a bit and each time I hear it, I enjoy it more and more. They also played a new one by Chad Kroeger and Santana this morning, but I did not like it as much as Daughtry’s songs. I can’t believe it but I may just be losing interest in Nickelback 😀

Over the last few days, my mother and I were discussing the possibility of her coming up to Johannesburg for a short holiday, but we eventually realised that it was too short notice and not enough time to plan the holiday and have a decent enough stay. I was quite looking forward to it, but had to face reality.

Oh, gee, I nearly forgot the best piece of news of all. I’ve posted an event on Facebook (I guess the site has its uses sometimes) to notify my friends that my birthday is coming up. I thought it would be a nice way to meet friends I chat to online (like I used to do when the gang were still together in Port Elizabeth) and catch up with friends I already know from school, work and wherever.

And I’ll end on an even better note. I just heard from Marc that the medical aid have approved the Aredia treatment. But the doctor is still on holiday, so we need to wait for him to get back (on Tuesday) so he can give the medical aid information on the dosage required. 🙂