Time is marching on and I was still sitting at work at 17:35. Marc has been quite busy lately and so we’re only leaving late each night. Not that late, mind, but we’re averaging somewhere around 17:30, sometims later.

I’m not sure why I’ve not been writing in my blog that often lately. Writer’s block is not the problem. I have been eagerly putting pen to paper in the form of a story, which I have no intention of publishing. Not as a novel anyway. It’s just something to keep me amused, mostly.

As you can see, I’ve changed the design of my blog, yet again. When I logged in and saw that a new theme had been created, I thought, oh yes! and changed immediately. The middle column is not too narrow and the small columns on either side will hopefully encourage me to keep my blog entries short. (You know about my need to be a perfectionist and make all the columns fairly even in length). Hopefully shorter blog entries will encourage me to write less, but more often. Theory does not always work out in practice though 😀

I have still been keeping up with my photography, though I’m not going out every single night now. I don’t mind skipping an evening now, where before, I would stress a bit if I didn’t get my pictures. My photo blog is slowly but surely getting more hits. I still have about 8-10 more pictures to share before I start worrying about getting more. Hopefully next weekend we’ll go out somewhere.

So we finally got home at about 18:20 or so, after stopping at the shop for a couple groceries. We had forgotten that the dogs were supposed to go to the grooming parlour today and left a window open. When they saw they were being picked up, the dogs ran for safety and hid in the house. So now, I’ve rescheduled their visit for Thursday when I know the window will be closed because the maid will be here.

And they have escalated their naughtiness from stealing socks for tug of war games to stealing Marc’s underwear. I just had to throw a pair away because they ripped a hole in it. It’s Marc’s fault for not putting his clothes in the laundry. In their favour, though, the dogs are kind enough to give the socks to me when I ask for them… 🙂