This afternoon, I went to the dentist to have half a tooth extracted. A large filling had fallen out a few months ago and I had kept putting the visit off for one excuse or another. It’s the dentist. It’s not fun. I think the problems with my post nasal drip also contributed.

So, a few weeks ago, the tooth broke. It didn’t really hurt, but I thought I’d better stop putting off that visit to the dentist. That was last week. I was told that it had to come out since an infection was starting.

That glorious infection countered the anesthetic injections I was given and I could feel it a little as she pulled it out. She actually wanted to stop and give me antibiotics to get rid of the infection first. I said no, third time lucky, and out it came. She gave a bit of a sigh afterwards when I told her that I’d taken a disprin for a headache that morning. (A disprin thins the blood). The building is still incredibly hot and I forgot about the dentist appointment. But when she checked, found that the hole was not bleeding too badly.

After receiving some more instructions, I went back to my desk but didn’t do any work. I was just not feeling too great and it took another half an hour more before Marc was finished. At just after 17:00, we left and stopped at the Spar on the way home. I was not keen on eating a proper dinner and since the shop did not have jelly, Marc got me a loaf of banana bread instead. I finished about half of it.

I have put out most of the laundry for tomorrow and will ask Marc to hang out the underwear and socks while I hop into the back for a short wash. It’s going to be a very early night for me tonight…