Friday is here and work is finished. I don’t think anything could have stressed me out, even if there was a fire drill. Even the last-minute work that I was given right before home time was not enough to phase me. I got it done, packed my bag headed for the nearest exit.

Tomorrow, the dogs are getting taken to the Dogon kennel for 5 days and Marc and I are off to Heia Safari Ranch for 5 days. Since my birthday is in 2 weeks time and Monday is a holiday, we thought we would take advantage and book off for another 2 days and treat ourselves. If you have a look at the website, you will see pictures of zebra and a giraffe that freely roam the grounds of the lodge. I am hoping it will make for a really fun weekend, full of photograph opportunities.

Look at me. I can only think of the photo opportunities it is going to present. I am really enjoying this hobby and with summer on the way, the sun is setting later and later, which means that even if we stay late, I should still be able to come home and have the opportunity to wander around the complex taking pictures. If only the dogs would get used to me like the cats have and stop barking!

I really suggest that you have a look at my photo blog, if you haven’t already and keep an eye on it for the next few days. Even though I’m going to be on holiday, I’ve lined up some beautiful pictures to keep you interested.

Something that I’ve forgotten to mention in previous blog entries recently. My Aredia treatment has been completely approved and we just need to schedule a date for it to begin. As mentioned, this is an IV treatment which will take place for 3 hours on 3 consecutive days. This week has been buy – I was on a course yesterday – and next week will be busy too. I’m hoping to get back to work on Thursday and discuss taking sick leave the week after to get the treatment done.

I can’t believe how time has flown. It’s going to be my birthday in 2 weeks! It will be a great birthday present if I can get it done that week. šŸ™‚