Finally the holiday is here. We packed and left early since we still had to drop the dogs off at kennels before heading north to the Heia Safari Ranch, where we had booked in for the weekend.

That’s one thing you can do with dogs, but not kids – pack them off for a little holiday of their own. TJ and Pumba spent the long weekend (Saturday to Wednesday) at Dogon Kennels where they were treated like royalty. I don’t think they got heated kennels, since Winter has passed, but they still got a cooked meal of chicken and rice every night. That’s a lot more than they get here.

Marc said that when they took the dogs out the car, at the kennel, Pumba’s tail was wagging very happily and TJ had a look on his face as if to say, oh no! Not again!

Just after we left the kennels, Marc had a call on his cell from someone at work and we parked on the side of the road while he coached someone through getting some information off a web site. There was a problem with passwords or something. I nearly said to him that if he wanted to go in to work for an hour, to sort things out, he should go. But the problem got sorted out without that need arising.

We arrived at Heia just after 12:30 and I immediately started snapping photographs. How could I not, when there were 3 zebra standing right outside reception? The whole weekend was an amazing experience. A lot of the time, it was hard to turn around and not see some form of wildlife wandering around. At any given time, there were zebra, impala, springbok and giraffe roaming and grazing between the rondavels.