It was absolutely beautiful to wake up the next morning. The peacocks were crying outside, as they had done as we were going to bed the night before. Thankfully, they shut up while we were sleeping. They are really cheeky birds and will not leave you alone if you are eating outside. Any opportunity for food and they are there, worse than dogs begging for a treat. Not that I minded much. So long as you were at the table, they kept a respectful distance. One family left their lunch early yesterday , though, before the waiters could clean up. They were all over the table in a flash and made a huge mess of things. Management were not happy.

We had met a couple, Tish and Mark, the day before. They had promised their daughter, Adrienne, a weekend away and had chosen Heia as their destination. We ended up eating most of our meals with them, until they left on Monday (which was a public holiday, because of Heritage Day). We even went on a game drive together this morning. Mark did not come, since he had to go home and try sell a car.

I have to thank Tish and Adrienne here, because without Adrienne’s towel, I would have burnt to a cinder on that game drive. Even at 10:00, it was proving to be a scorcher of a day and even with sunblock on (also thanks to Tish), I was burning up.

The game drive was fun, though. We saw quite a few animals, including rhino and hippos with their babies. Unfortunately, only my photo’s of the hippo look to have come out decently.

After we got back, we sat down for a buffet lunch and went through to the Zulu kraal to watch some tribal dances. It’s not something I’d normally go see, but I really enjoyed it.

We ended the day with another walk along the lower end of the ranch and I took a few more sunset pictures.