Today, we went to two different Lion parks. It’s amazing what you can find just a hop, skip and a jump away from the city, if you just look around.

The one was simply amazing. The other (and second place we went to) was a disappointment. Unfortunately, the less fun event happened second and deflated my day a bit.

We went to the Lion Park first. This place was amazing. The only drawback was that the parking lot was sandy and my wheelchair almost got stuck. Besides that minor point, the whole place was very wheelchair friendly. When we got there, one of the guides stopped us and told us we had won a “prize”. I’m not sure how old he thought I was, but I didn’t care. I got the rare opportunity to hold a baby lion cub, which was so young it had not had its inoculations yet. Not even Marc was allowed to hold him.

From there, we went down into Cub World and entered one of the cub enclosures. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get close, or they would have had fun with my wheelchair, but Marc took some stunning shots. What I really wanted was a picture of the cub in the enclosure next door, unobstructed by fencing, since he was curled up in the side of a rock, which I thought would make a beautiful picture.

As we were walking around, we got to see white lions and a baby cheetah. We also watched people feeding a giraffe. I was not keen on getting slobbered on, so stayed to one side and snapped away quite happily with my camera. Tish actually nicknamed me the day before, “A trigger happy Japanese tourist”.

From there, we went on the game drive and drove through the various lion enclosures, where I took loads of lion pictures. Considering I took the shots through glass, most came out quite nice. Some were spoilt by reflection of the sun, though.