Just to finish off yesterday’s blog entry. The second half of the day was spent at the Rhino & Lion Park, which was a bit further away from where we were staying. As mentioned, I was extremely disappointed in this place. To say that it was not wheelchair friendly was an understatement.

The car park alone was a bumpy terrain. Reception and the gift shop had stairs going inside. The bathrooms were not accessible. To get access to a disabled toilet, we had to go right across the car park again, cross over a gravel patch, which was so thick, I could not get over it unassisted. After that, we did not even explore much of the rest of the ground. The Reptile house had a steep ramp. Access to the Animal Creche was also obstructed by gravel. I spoke to someone that worked there and I intend to lodge a complaint via their website.

The one thing that I did enjoy was sitting and listening to their display on reptiles. We saw several snakes and learnt all about the different poisons and what to do if bitten. After that, they ran a cheetah several times, using a lure, pulled along on a rope. Due to the heat, Eddie did not run very fast. He did not reach top speed either, due to the fact that he was only young – about 1yr, 7 months.

So, Tuesday started out a little overcast and chilly as well. I nearly decided to call off our trip to the National Zoological Gardens, aka the Pretoria Zoo. Not long after we got there, though, the sun came out and it became quite warm.

We spent nearly the whole day there, going from one end of the zoo to the other. Surprisingly, I didn’t take half as many pictures there as I did at the ranch, but got the chance to experiment with different shutter speeds and macro photography.