It was cold when we got up, our last day at the ranch. It was overcast, but the heavens were not threatening to open up. It was definitely the right time to leave, since we could see the weather changing. We had our breakfast, packed up and signed out. I don’t know how much the weekend cost, and don’t want to find out.

I checked the time and found that we still had a little time to kill before we had to pick up the dogs. I persuaded Marc to go for one more walk to see if we could see the giraffe and their baby one last time. This was despite my nightmare the night before where we stumbled too close to them, Marc got injured and I wasn’t able to get help in time. Me and my over-active imagination. Thankfully, nothing happened in real life.

As luck would have it, we did find them and kept a safe distance from the male, on the path down to the lake. He sauntered past us, nibbling on leaves here and there before leading us down the path to where his mate was grazing. Their youngster was resting in the grass on the other side of the paddock (or field, whichever description you prefer). I took several photos before deciding I was happy and turned to leave.

The drive back south was uneventful and we reached Dogon well in time to check the dogs out (before getting charged an extra day). When we got there, they had been groomed and were waiting for us in one of the front kennels. They were really happy to see us. So happy, in fact, that they did not want to stay still long enough to be put in the back of the car. Finally we got them in the car and headed home.

Not much else is news. I’ve backdated a few blog entries and am almost caught up. Make sure you check all entries from 22nd to today to know what I’ve been up to.