… or as Bongani, on Highveld, would say, “It’s bucketing cats and dogs.” We are home and the rain that has been threatening for the last few days finally arrived. We could not have gotten home at a better time, because the heavens really opened up today.

Our first day back at work did not go as badly as expected. I had to catch up on closures, but thankfully, there were less than expected. I should get the remainder done by lunch time tomorrow. The work load was made easier by the fact that both my sales assistants were off sick, so I had no loads to do. A stress-free day was exactly what the doctor ordered.

After getting home, I caught up on my blogs and uploaded the first of my holiday pictures to Shutterchance. The caption for the picture tells the story, so make sure you check it out.

I also figured out the batch editing tool in PSP8 and have resized half of my holiday pictures. I’ll upload the first batch after going to bed tonight. You can go here to check them out. I uploaded all 230-something photos that I took on Saturday. Some, you may wonder what I was trying to capture. I uploaded them all, boo-boos and all. Enjoy.