We were in the car earlier this evening, on the way through to Vereeniging to pick up my brother, who was in town on a cycling tour when I said to Marc that it felt as if we were still on holiday. Last night, we went out to a cheese and wine, and tonight we took my brother out to dinner. Work, for both of us (for once) was the furtherest thought on our minds.

On Thursday, it was Elize’s birthday. I’ve known her on IRC for quite a few years now, but never met. We stopped chatting for a while, when she was going out with a guy by the nickname Novak Cyclone. He was not the greatest guy (just being diplomatic here) and it took her a while to realize that as well. Now we’re good friends again and enjoy our e-mails and discussing photography, among other things.

So, last night, she organized a cheese and wine event for family and friends close to her. There were mostly people I did not know from a bar of soap, as well as quite a few of her family. The only names I can remember are Carl (because I could smack him for being so cheeky) and Jared, because everyone kept telling him to stop stealing the chips and get out.

While we were there, I got to meet Neil, who drove all the way from Swaziland, where he’d been working (or something) for the day, especially to make the party. He’s an awesome photographer that Elize and I have gotten to know via Shutterchance, though she probably knows him better than me.

I also finally got to meet Martin. Another IRC chatter that I’ve known for ages and never got the opportunity to meet real life, even though I’ve been living in Joburg for the last 2 years. I must say, it was so much better talking to him face to face, than via PC or telephone.

I found out today something that I suspected last night – Elize never got round to serving the cheese and wine… 😀

Andrew, my brother, Marc and I, went to eat at the Royal Boma at Emerald Casino, which was about 10km from where Andrew was staying for the weekend. It was an early night, but it was great to spend time with him for once. He always seems to be busy when we’re on holiday in PE.

Andrew also brought a few skirts Mommy had made for me. I haven’t had a proper look at them yet, but they look really great.